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Lund University in Malmö

When applying, contact Ditte Mårtensson with cc to your "own" administrator at the research school


Karolinska institutet


When applying, contact Magdalena Harnesk with cc to your "own" administrator at the research school

  • Public Health Research- concepts and theories , 3 HEC, course code 2928
  • How to conduct systematic reviews and meta-analyses, 3 HEC, course code 2790
  • Social determinants of health, 3 HEC, course code 2711 
  • Global Malaria Erradication 1.5hp
  • Improving Drug Use, especially antibiotics 1.5
  • Malaria 1.5
  • Health and medicine in cultural context: introduction to medical anthropology  3
  • Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trials
  • Practical Approaches to Qualitative Research in Global Health – based on blended learning 6
  • Core concepts in Global Health and Global Burden of Disease
  • Global Reproductive Health
  • Gender and health in the context of global health research
  • Concepts in health economics for Global Health research
  • Epidemiology of emerging infectious diseases incl. ebola, dengue, influenza etc.
  • The major global infectious diseases: Tuberculosis 1.5
  • The major global infectious diseases: HIV 1.5
  • Pharmacoepidemiology
  • Inequity and social determinants of health in health and healthcare
  • WORKSHOP: Global Oral health
  • WORKSHOP: Practical research ethics in global health including informed consent in various contexts (given in collaboration with Swedish Research School in Global Health?)
  • WORKSHOP: Global Mental Health
  • WORKSHOP:  Grant writing in Global Health
  • WORKSHOP:  Migration and health
  • SEMINAR: Infection and Global Health from the bench to the world
  • SEMINAR: Abortion and contraception in a global context
  • SEMINAR: Mobile (m)-health
  • SEMINAR: Geographic Information System (GIS) in global health
  • RETREAT: Student retreat in Infection Biology & GH
  • MATCHMAKING:Annual meeting between PI and potential graduate students
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Being a reviewer for a scientific journal
  • Project management
  • From PhD to job market
  • Teachers workshop

Umeå University


When applying, contact Birgitta Åström with cc to Magdalena Harnesk (students from KI) or to Ditte Mårtensson (students from Lund) to keep us informed about your plans for practical issues


Courses given within the Master of Public Health Programmes
(For more information - go to the Umeå University course catalogue on the web)

  • Advanced biostatistics and epidemiology
  • Advanced topics in health economics evaluation methods /
  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Equity and health
  • Evaluation in public health
  • Evidence based public health
  • Global public health
  • Health economic evaluation methods
  • Health economic theory
  • Health Systems: Organization and financing
  • Health, environment and sustainability 
  • Planning and management in health care
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Qualitative methodology in public health
  • Social epidemiology – theory and methods
  • Social pathways in health and health promotion

Research courses at the Medical Faculty
For detailed course information – Go to the research course catalogue

  • Advanced biostatistics, logistic regression
  • An introduction to multilevel analysis – an epidemiologic approach
  • Analysing data in qualitative research, part 1
  • Climate Change and Health
  • Database management and quality control of quantitative data
  • Equity and health
  • Grounded theory and situational analysis – a systematic and flexible approach to qualitative data analysis
  • Health, gender and human rights: an introduction
  • How to write grant applications
  • Information retrieval, publication, application and lecture
  • Longitudinal data analysis
  • Regression models in medical sciences
  • Research based on quality registries
  • Research ethics
  • Research methodology and philosophy of science
  • Research methodology with biostatistics
  • Using the R statistical environment for reproducible medical research

The Swedish Research School for Global Health

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